About Us

Scott Cooper and Amy Perfrement operate a diversified business that has been committed to the rural industry for over a decade.  They have a combined wealth of experience in the livestock and property marketing sector.  They breed stud and commercial shorthorn cattle with a herd that has been in production since 1990. In 2015, they selected a draft of their shorthorn females and bred them to a Wagyu bull; the result being the inception their “Shagyu” herd. 


Scott is an accomplished auctioneer with over 20 years’ experience.  Amy has worked in finance and holds a certificate IV in accounting.  Both Scott and Amy have current Stock/ Station and Real Estate licenses, and have worked in the livestock industry for the majority of their lives.


Scott and Amy believe that females are the centre of you herd. To maximize the profitability and efficiency from your herd it is pivotal to finding the right bull for your breeding operation.  In a commercial trade cattle enterprise, it is essential to know what markets are available and how they can be accessed.  Tagundi can assess a beef herd and provide advice on their suitability to a desired/specific market.